Regional Resources Related to the COVID 19 Pandemic

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Help for Citizens

Food Delivery, Help with Errands, Yard Help, Pet Care, & Transportation

Online Community Support

Miss your weekly youth group, book club, support group? Many organizations are now offering online communities to help you stay connected

Help for the Unemployed

Food Resources, Help with Errands, Childcare, Transportation, Links to unempoyment and small business programs.

Help for Students and Teachers

Tools to help you learn and teach from home.

Public Health Links 

State, County, and Local Links to Public Health Information,  Covid 19 Testing Sites,  Current Recommendation



& Tutorials

In the midst of this crisis people are finding new ways to connect. Not sure how to Zoom, what is Trello & how do we group project plan online. Some of the best tools we have found

How You Can Help

We are all in this together!

Every single one of us has a way that we can help others in our communities during this crisis : help make and distribute school lunches, sew masks, etc...

Boredom Busters

Time Wasters & 

Creative Endeavors